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At Little Elves we program through child interest, intentional teaching, what's on in the community, staff input, individual profile sheets and family communication.

In all our services, we promote STEM, literacy, music & movement, creativity, language and outdoor play. We have one indoor and one outdoor program for each room with a variety of developmental areas covered in these programs..

nurturing little
bodies and minds


At Little Elves the children start to learn about how the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering &  Mathematics link into programming within our early childhood environment


Our early childhood setting covers literacy through the use of a library (for school readiness children), a large variety of books available on open low line shelving.

music & movement

We see this demonstrated every day, our educators dance and move with the children throughout the day and during designated times during the afternoon. 


Children are encouraged to participate in creatively planned and spontaneous activities every day. Loose parts and planned items are always available for the children to use their imagination and further extend in this area of development. 


All ages at Little Elves learn sign language through the use of daily Key Word Signing, Educators read to the children daily to help enhance the children's language development. 

outside play

At Little Elves we try and spend at least 6 hours outside each day, both our long day care centres are situated on a one acre block. Elvy Street has 3 separate outdoor play spaces and chickens and Claremont Drive has two water play features and two outdoor play spaces.

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