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our philosophy

Little Elves Childcare Centre believes in providing a motivating environment that is safe, thoughtful and warm that promotes a home like environment to optimise your child’s development. Each family, child and educator are unique and respected individuals at Little Elves. We support our families and work towards fostering a trusting and caring relationship with them. We have developed a multicultural, gender neutral, inclusive curriculum that encourages families to share their language, culture values and beliefs with the staff at Little Elves. We teach the children the importance of respecting the cultural background of each individual, we also believe that it is important to embed intertwine the history of the Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander cultures, the original owners of this land, and encourage respect for the culture and history of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

As educators we support each child’s sense of identity by providing a respectful, safe, caring and nurturing environment, we are committed to protecting each child’s rights, health and safety while providing the highest standard of care and education for our children.

We aim to develop in children a sense of belonging where through their relationships with families, communities, culture and environment each child develops an early understanding of the world and the environment around them. We recognise the importance of being environmentally conscious and embedding this in young children so they can participate in sustainable practices for their future. We believe in a sustainable environment and will seek to awaken in each child an appreciation and responsibility to their natural surroundings and its resources. Our environment is open ended, stimulating, nurturing and adaptable to the individual needs of each child. It fosters creativity and spontaneity and develops a sense of belonging and community within the learning environment.

 We are dedicated to assisting each child to explore their surroundings by creating an environment that is both inclusive and anti-bias. We promote a sense of community by encouraging our families to become involved and participate in all aspects of our service.

We believe it is important to support each child’s sense of wellbeing in order to promote their confidence, self-esteem and strengthen their learning potential and in turn promote their sense of becoming- where children begin to form an identity which shapes the type of adult they will become.

Childhood is a special time in life where children need time to “be” a place of being, our program is designed to promote areas where children can play, try new experiences, develop new skills and build relationships with their peers and extend on the child’s confidence and independence. We provide an active and reflective environment where children share their opinions and ideas. This is reflected in our program, which is designed to emphasise children’s strengths, interests and potential.

We encourage an open doors policy where families are always welcome throughout the day as we like to see families become involved in their child’s experiences whilst at Little Elves as we understand sending children to a childcare centre can be an exciting experience for the whole family.

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a little introduction...

Little Elves started in 2011 as a 29 place childcare centre in Bargo. We then grew to 4 services all based in the heart of Wollondilly.

At Little Elves we cater for children 6 weeks to 12 years across these services.

Little Elves Childcare Centre is on Elvy Street Bargo,

Little Elves Claremont Childcare in Claremont Drive Bargo

Little Elves OOSH is based at Bargo Public School and

Little Elves After School Care is based at Wollondilly Anglican College. 

Jennifer is the owner of these services. She holds a Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Investigation, Advanced Diploma in Public Safety Management, Diploma of Policing and Diploma of Childcare.

We program through:

  • child interest

  • intentional teaching

  • what is on in the community

  • staff input

  • individual profile sheets; and

  • family communication

In all our services we promote STEM, literacy, music, movement, creativity and language.

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health and safety

Health & Safety is a priority at Little Elves. 


Our chemicals are stored well away from the children and we have current material safety data sheets on all chemicals.


We follow the guidelines in Staying Healthy in Childcare and utilise warm soapy water for our cleaning.

Nutrition & Wellbeing – at Little Elves we prioritise health and nutrition by working with leading Paediatric Nutritionist, Mandy Sacher, and her Wholesome Child Nourish Program. Together we deliver a holistic nutrition solution for families which exceed all government guidelines. 

The Nourish program provides highly nutritious, seasonal menu planners and recipes to ensure children receive all the nutrients that need to thrive while developing resilient eating preferences and behaviours. We promote positive eating habits.

Some of the children’s favourites are: Chicken Chow Mein, Garlic Beef Broccoli Noodles and homemade Banana Bread.

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